Nootropics Review: 7 Types of Nootropics

If you are planning to take Nootropics. You should first understand what are available. How will they affect you? In this Nootropics Review. We will look at the seven Nootropic types. Each type of Nootropics gives you different benefits. So, you must first understand their functions for each type. Then, you can select the right choice for your own needs.

The seven Nootropic types are Smart Drugs. Racetams. Peptides. Cholines. Ampakines. Vitamin B Derivatives and Natural / Herbal. Each type of Nootropics has its distinct benefits and properties. We will discuss them in this Nootropics Review. To ensure you have the knowledge to make a right choice for your own Nootropics.

1) Smart Drugs (Eg. Adrafinil. Adderil and Modafinil)

Smart drugs actually do not consider as Nootropics. It is because most of the substances in Smart Drugs do not meet the standards set by Dr. Giurgea. Smart Drugs are amphetamine based. They make them as stimulants. (Eg. Adderall)

Yet. Some smart drugs like Modafinil thought as Nootropics. Due to it can increase energy. Alertness. Levels of neurotransmitter hypocretin and motivation. But, such smart drugs regulated. It restricted for sale in the United States. Most users of Modafinil turned to alternatives like Adrafinil. Because it will convert Adrafinil into Modafinil upon digestion.

2) Racetams (Eg. Pramiracetam. Oxiracetam and Piracetam)

The most popular Nootropics are racetams. Piracetam was the first Nootropics synthesized by Dr. Giurgea. Until up to now. It has been the most popular Nootropics.

All the family members of the racetams share a similar structure. They composed of oxygen. Nitrogen and hydrogen. Each member known for improvement of core cognitive functions like focus and memory. Also, they improve energy levels and Boost up the mood at the same time.

3) Peptides (Eg. Noopept)

Although Peptides are like Racetams. Noopept of Peptides thought to be more potent than the Piracetam of Racetam. The benefits offered by Peptides are also similar. They will improve alertness. Motivation. Energy. Learning capabilities and memory.

Peptides have the ability to cross, blood and brain barrier. For example, Noopept stimulates the protein by releasing the Nerve Growth Factor. The protein is essential for the maintenance. And the growth of neurons and nerve cells. It stimulates the NDMA and AMPA receptors. Like ampakines and racetams. This Nootropic function will provide promising results for users.

4) Cholines (Eg. Centrophenoxine. Alpha GPC and Citicoline)

Choline is a water-soluble nutrient. It found in our body. But, most people are choline deficient. It is a must for both brain health and function. Also, it is supplementing your body with essential substance.

Choline offers benefits like learning and memory improvements. It’s taken along with other Nootropics such as Racetams. When both combined, acetylcholine receptor sites stimulated by Racetams. This allows the synthesis of choline, Nootropics amplify the results.

5) Ampakines (Eg. Unifiram and Sunifiram)

Ampakines are the newest forms of Nootropics. They are amongst the most potent Nootropics available. Ampakines stimulate NDWA and AMPA receptors to increase glutamate levels in your blood. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter. It affects synaptic plasticity. It is a must for proper memory and learning.

Ampakines used as alternatives to such stimulants as caffeine and Ritalin. They do not have the same side effects like insomnia. It is a general feeling of restlessness and anxiety. Ampakines are more expensive than other Nootropics.

6) Vitamin B Derivatives (Eg. Sulbutiamine)

Vitamin B Derivatives synthesized first in Japan. Because the population was deficient in Vitamin B1 and Thiamine. So, Nootropics have become popular. Vitamin B Derivatives affects the level of glutamate, dopamine and choline improve memory. Also, they used to overcome fatigue. And increase both alertness and energy.

7) Natural / Herbal Nootropics (Eg. Bacopi Monneri. Ginkgo Biloba and Valorcine)

Natural / Herbal Nootropics are plant based Nootropics. They offer a host of natural benefits. They increase brain function and health. Nootropics contain natural plant used for thousands of years as ingredients. Since they are natural, they are safe for you to take without worry of any side effects.

Nootropics Review: Choose the Best Nootropics

Nootropics Review: nootropics-open-your-mindAfter you read the above Nootropics Review. There are seven types of Nootropics. They are Smart Drugs. Racetams. Peptides. Cholines. Ampakines. Vitamin B Derivatives and Natural / Herbal. Each type of Nootropics has its distinct benefits and properties.

You should have the confidence to select the benefits you are looking for. Whether your ideal goal is to improve memory and energy with Racetams. Increase synaptic plasticity. There is a right choice of Nootropics for you.

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