What are Smart Drugs / Nootropics?

“Smart Drugs” is a name known for Nootropics. They are well-known to enhance focus, attention spans and aid for studying. The term “Smart Drugs” or Nootropics are getting more and more popular than ever before. But, many people still do not understand what is Nootropics.

Nootropics offer a wide range of cognitive benefits. But, have you ever wondered what are they? How do they work? What could you expect if you have taken it? Etc… These “Smart Drugs” can provide cognitive benefits to your brain. Let us discuss them below.

These chemicals are either man-made compounds or natural substances. They all offer a wide range of cognitive benefits to your brain. The term ‘Nootropic’ was first defined by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea in 1972 with a set of 5 criteria. These criteria determine if a chemical can be a Nootropics. For each substance should have the following criteria:-

1) Enhances learning and memory.

2) Increases the efficacy of tonic control mechanisms.
(cortical/subcortical regions of the brain).

3) Lacks the usual stimulant or sedative effect.
It should have few side effects. And low toxicity.

4) Protect the brain from physical or chemical assaults.
These assaults are (eg. barbiturates. Anticholinergic drugs).

5) Enhances the resistance of the brain function under disruptive conditions. Such conditions are (eg. Electroconvulsive shock. Hypoxia, or low oxygen levels).

From the above criteria, you can see for a substance to classify as Nootropics. It requires to be able to meet a set of rigorous standards. That is why some people refer Nootropics. Not just as a “Smart Drugs”. It is a “Miracle Drugs”. Because only a selected handful of substances can actually be true Nootropics.

How do Nootropics Work With the Brain?

A Romanian doctor, Dr. Giurgea, was first discovered Nootropic after synthesizing piracetam. It is still one of the most popular Nootropics on the market today. The word Nootropic make up with the Greek word of ‘noos’ means ‘mind’. And ‘tropos’ in Greek word means ‘to turn towards’. The word Nootropic means ‘Towards the Mind’.

Smart Drugs -nootropics-Enhance-FocusSince the first discovery of Nootropics. Seven substances have classified as Nootropics / “Smart Drugs” in regular usages. As everyone has its own neurochemistry. The effect will not be the same for different people.

For some users, the effect of using Nootropic is not instant for them. It cannot improve their intellect or boost their IQ. Yet, Nootropics does boost brain function. The signaling of and production of several vital neurotransmitters have increased.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals. They acted as messengers to communicate between neurons in your brain. By enhancing signaling and raising production of neurotransmitters. Nootropics have increased the efficiency of the signals working in your brain. The result of the above has brought us benefits such as much longer periods of focus. Improved concentration. Better memory. Greater mental processing capacities and better moods.

Periodical use of Nootropics can bring benefits

Nootropics create improvements by altering the function of your brain. To be specific, the synaptic plasticity of neurons will improve. From a long-term perspective, the cognitive function and capacities will improve too.

Some Nootropics can slow down the aging process. They prevent damage to the brain by stimulating the growth of neurites and neurons. Also, both older individuals and students have proven benefits from Nootropics.

Acceptance of “Smart Drugs”

In our society today. Taking certain supplements or chemicals such as “Smart Drugs” can see as taboo. Especially when these are not the mainstream of the society. Yet, Nootropics have gotten more and more accepted in our society. For the long term effects on People ‘s cognitive health. There are no side effects are just irresistible to ignore.

As you are getting more knowledge about Nootropics. You are able to select the right type for your own specific needs. These “Smart Drugs” can bring cognitive benefits to your brain. Once you start using Nootropics. You will understand why you have made a smart investment for your own future.

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